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Please use the below form if you have any questions relating to your National Insurance Number. 

You can apply for a National Insurance Number online. In order to apply for a National Insurance Number you must have valid photo ID and a UK address. A National Insurance Number is needed if you intend on working within the UK. Click here to apply for a new National Insurance Number.

You can request written confirmation of your number if you have lost or forgotten your number. Please note National Insurance Number cards have been replaced with an official HMRC letter. Click here to apply for written confirmation.

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EU-Citizens and Eligible travelers holding work permitted VISA's will be able to apply online for their national insurance number.

If you have UK Citizenship but was not born in the United Kingdom please apply for a new number.

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You are able to recover your number using our replacement service if you have been a UK-Citizen since birth or have already been issued a national insurance number in the past. You do not have to apply for a new number, your original can not be changed.

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